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#timesup -- And it's About Time

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Over the weekend I talked with an actress that I have admired onstage for many years. We're Facebook friends, but I think it was the first time we'd spoken in person. I congratulated her on her latest dynamite performance.  And what she said next made me so sad. And proud. And angry. 

"I so appreciate your reviews," she started, "I mean, as a woman." 

I said thanks. She went on.

"You know there was a review of a show I was in awhile ago. The reviewer took that opportunity to comment on my weight."

My heart sank. I said, "I think I know who did that to you."

I knew right away. He's an old white guy, a hack writer with a long history of harrassing women in print and in person. 

"And that's so not okay." 

She smiled and we hugged and she went to prepare for her next show. And I thought, really? Really? 

Well, time's up, jackass. And it's time for you to get out of the way. 

Gwen Rice