"When Kurt asked me to meet him in the back room after the show, I knew I was going to kiss him for a long time and pretend that he was John Lennon. But when he gave me a copy of 'Sergeant Pepper' on vinyl, I knew I’d never love him as much as I love the Beatles."

Love is a Postcard from a Faraway Place

Cast: 3M, 3W or more, if desired

Who do you love the most? And how do you tell them? Would you call in the middle of the night? Hide secret messages or send a postcard? Maybe for you, love can be captured in a photograph, or a Beatles record, or a set of keys. Explore love in many phases and expressions through a collection of monologues and short scenes that approach our most important relationships from many angles — in pieces that are both funny and poignant.

Appropriate for high school or adult performers.