"A king who was made foolish by a commoner. A queen who was made little by lies. A babe cast away in the woods. What folly, all, and yet. . . I believe there are more verses to be writ in this story. It began in a storm."


The Tales of Wandering Grace (Or the Revengers' Tragedies)

Cast: 8M, 3W

All is not well in Sicilia. King Leontes is convinced that his wife Hermione has had an affair with his best friend, King Polixenes. Who would plant such a terrible thought in the king’s brain? Perhaps the young soldier who was recently rescued from a shipwreck knows something about this. There is something strange about Iago. . .

The Tales of Wandering Grace (or The Revengers’ Tragedies) merges the worlds of Othello, The Tempest and A Winter’s Tale, filling in many of the gaps for important characters. Follow Iago’s first attempt at duping a king, Hermione’s quest to prove her innocence, and Prospero’s desire to interpret magical visions, as the stories are interwoven and each character learns the price of seeking revenge.